Hail to the Corset

Trust us you’ll want one. Lucky for us, the corset is standing

its ground and trending through another fashion season. It’s

safe to say, I’m slightly obsessed.

The corset was first introduced in the late 1800’s. Before it

became the ‘it’ trend, the corset was not seen in a bright

light. Organ-crushing and faint-inducing the corset was a

subjective piece of clothing worn by women all around the


A couple of hundred years forward, and the corset has made a

return to the fashion scene. This time around, the corset does

not offend or discriminate; it allows women to express

themselves freely through their style.

As seen on fashion icons, runways and splashed throughout

social media, the corset is becoming a fashion phenomenon.

Once this trend broke out, I knew I had to try it. I love how

versatile the corset is, as there are so many great ways to

style with it.

You can accessorise it, over shirt-dress, button-ups, sweaters

and dresses – pretty much anything you want.

Sometimes, a new trend can be daunting. How do I style it? Can

I even pull it off? A quick word of truth – wear it with


When I first styled with a corset, I kept it simple. I opted

for a plain white button up, matched up with a black corset,

keeping it classic. If you’re having trouble styling with it,

take a simpler approach to start yourself off.

Fashion represents free expression and the corset is bringing

that back into the fashion scene. Embrace style and illuminate

with confidence.

Be inspired and take a closer look on how I styled the corset as well as some inspo