Fur Trending

Fur is everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for another fur-filled season. As fur trends through another winter, it’s safe to say I can’t wait for the cooler weather to come. 

Fashion embodies a, ‘less is more’ attitude – fur does not abide; instead, ‘more is more’ fits the fur trend better. Typically worn in both white and grey, expect brighter and bolder styles this coming season. Neutral tones whom? Designers, including, Chanel and Fendi are adding colour to their collections and I’m obsessed.

Adding, a modern appeal to the much-loved texture, designers are weaving, dyeing and embroidering. As seen on the runway, fur is showcased in almost every pre-fall show. From, fur cuffed jackets to full fur coats to fur-lined jackets to small fur trimmings – when it comes to fur, the options are endless. 

Fur happens to be my favourite statement winter piece. Why? Because you can wear it any way you want. Add a touch of fur and your look will be complete. 

Don’t be disheartened, if you can’t embrace a full fur coat yet. I’d recommend, opting for a small fur embellishment instead. This could be a fur collar, a fur sole or even a fur purse – it will tie in perfectly with any winter outfit.

Another reason why I love styling with fur in winter, is how well it keeps the warmth in. Heading out and complaining how much winter clothes kill your vibe? Trust me, I fully understand. There’s no need to freeze anymore, in order to look good – add a fur coat and you’ll be both warm and stylish this coming season. 

If you’re having trouble styling your fur, for inspiration I’ve added a few images below on how I styled it.

Don’t freeze this winter, instead standout and dress fabulously in fur – you’ll be a trendsetter for sure.