Revolutionary Tanning Dress!!!

The best little black tanning dress! Worn 4 Different ways!

Ladies!  Have you ever ruined your outfit because of fake tan? So you wear the best homeless outfit you can find and pray to God no one sees you? If most of you mumbled yes to your screens, I have GREAT NEWS!!!! We no longer have to dirty our clothes or look homeless when we go for fake tans! Thanks to The Little Tanning Dress!!!! (LTD). We can now go from the salon to the street in style with zero tan stains.

How you might ask?

Well the dresses are made of a nylon/spandex blend, (similar to swimwear). This blend is great as it does not absorb your tan unlike other materials. The best part about it is that it's crease free! Making it the perfect travel outfit also. Did  I mention all the dresses are free size too! So no more guessing your size before adding to your shopping cart online.

In the video below I show just how easy it is to style the LTD to suit any occasion, from a casual street look to a glam formal look.


If you haven't googled the The Little Tanning dress yet and added the whole collection to your cart, click the link below and you can get to some shopping.