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Hi, I’m Sapphiroula (I know long weird name), we can blame my parents and Greek heritage for that… but you can call me Sapph – sounds like- S-AA-F.

I currently and have always lived in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – the Sunshine State!

I  am a self confessed shopaholic, who is one of those annoying “design your own menu” people (hold the pickle, no lettuce and sauce on the side please). I plan my life around outfits, my favourite colour is blue but I always choose pink, I believe in the power of the Universe, dogs are everything, I sing in the car like I’m filming a music video, chocolate is my weakness, I like my ice-cream melted, and I enjoy the weekly.. actually, who are we kidding.. daily, dose of red wine.

 You can contact me at for collaborations or if you have any burning questions that are keeping you up late at night like – how big is a dose?


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48 Hours in Melbourne

48 Hours in Melbourne

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