Best Hidden Beaches in Queensland

The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland have no doubt some of the best beaches in Australia.

But if you prefer to stay away from the massive crowds and desire that little bit of seclusion, check out these hidden beaches on the north-eastern coast of Queensland.

Take care when adventuring to these hidden beauties as there might not be lifeguards around, nevertheless enjoy the stunning views and bask in the warm sunshine

Tannum sands

This beach is perfect for a getaway, and definitely worth an escape, especially for surf lovers. Tannum sands offers wonderful sunsets, so be sure to stay until dusk to be treated to amazing views. Pack your towel and sunnies and get ready for the ultimate ‘me’ time.

Ellis Beach

Home to beautiful palms and with a backdrop of astonishing coastal ranges, Ellis Beach is a must. As an extremely secluded part of Queensland’s coast, with a population of only 30 living here, it’s no wonder this hidden beauty is such a secret. Its shores are home to amazing pumice stones and palms.

Cape Hillsborough

Cape Hillsborough is another stunning sunset location. Volcanic rock formations and rocky headlands are only some of the features adorning the beautiful coastal landscape. To spot kangaroos on the beach, be sure to wake up early before they hide inland during the day.

Thala Beach

This is an idyllic spot and a perfect for some much-needed tranquillity. Thala Beach has a beautiful coastline, with stunning white sands and a forest-clad headland at the northern end of the beach. This beach is home to a private resort which is well worth the stay and is definitely perfect if you’re needing some private space and relaxation time.

Seventeen Seventy

This beach, also written as 1770, is built on the site of the second landing in Australia by James Cook in the year 1770. The little village contains accommodation, restaurants and a marina, ideal for Great Barrier Reef trips and myriad water activities. To reach this historic beach, a sealed road from Bundaberg takes you right there, to enjoy the beautiful, historic village.

By Nina Sudnitsin

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