The Best Healing Crystals

Healing crystals; the one thing you may have found yourself somehow quite interested in, whether it has been a recent interest or a long-time one. It’s something that many people today are using to help them obtain a happier approach to life.

And alas, can be used to help with many different things due to their energetic healing abilities, which can be quite powerful! They not only help to keep us individuals obtain long-lasting happiness in our lives, but they also great for bringing good heath, and help heal our issues.

A bonus is that there are a range of different crystals that have their own healing properties. Whether it is based on love, harmony, protection or guidance; each crystal is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Here is a list of the three best healing crystals that can lead you to live a happier lifestyle.


  1. Clear Quartz.

Which is also known as ‘The Master Healer’ can ultimately be used for all healing purposes however, is quite powerful due to its ability to assist in healing mental, emotional and physical issues of the individual.  The crystal consists of a beautiful yet translucent form and can help with the majority of issues you have from your past. The clear quartz also resonates with the higher chakras. Thus meaning, allowing higher connection to oneself, higher consciousness and wisdom, as well as bringing divine white light and pure unconditional love.


2. Amethyst.

Also known as ‘The All Purpose Stone’, it comes in the form of various purple shades and comes in either a geode, transparent, single point or cluster appearance. It resonates purely with both the Crown  and Third Eye Chakra, which helps to open up the path to higher intuition and divine consciousness. If you choose to purchase a cluster or geode, it can be used to cleanse the environment of large statement energy. It is great for healing headaches, insomnia, mood swings and immunity. And helps relive both stress and anxiety while allowing you to calm and focus if you have an overactive mind.


3. Rose Quartz.

Distinctively, the ‘colour of love’, is a unique pink crystal that ranges from being transparent to translucent in colour. It is assisted with the Archangel Chamuel and is a “natural affinity with the Heart Chakra and the emotions.” Since it deals with our hearts emotions, the crystal can be used to attract soulmates and develop relationships with partners or others. It helps to prevent feelings of anger, hatred and hostility. It helps to relieve emotional stress and dissolve negative thoughts towards ourselves that may lower our self-worth. If you wear this quartz as a ring, necklace or pendant – it will help to “see you through times of crisis.”


For the best possible use and results of healing from these crystals and to achieve the full use of their power, you can cleanse your crystals with cold water before using them.

Also, it is best not to let anyone else other than yourself to touch the crystals for best healing effects. Another way to clear the negative energy from the crystal is laying them all under direct moonlight on a full moon.

If you would also like to learn more about healing crystals, there are many books including ‘The Angel Bible’ by Hazel Raven that can be purchased in local bookstores such as QBD books.


By Natasha Pietrobuono

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