5 Best House Hacks

Doesn’t everyone want a functional but aesthetic home?


So much wooden and floral inspiration is sprinkling our Pinterest feeds, so perhaps it’s time to update our bedrooms, lounges and wall décor.

We’ve compiled some décor and storage hacks that will brighten up your home and make tidiness a regular part of your life!


The Whiteboard Calendar

A genius idea for organisation. This whiteboard calendar is reusable as you can rub out the dates and events for each month and it’s a great aesthetic piece to add to your room. The best bit is that you can customise the frame, colours and background to your room’s theme.


Desk Organising with Boxes

A simple but effective hack, organising all of your desk décor with wooden boxes is perfect. It creates a focal point in your room and allows you to focus on decorating a single corner of your desk, keeping the rest of your desk clutter-free.


Hanging Flower Wall

This DIY hack is beautiful and can add life to your bedroom. It acts as a light floral bedhead. From Sweat Teal’s DIY, all you need are a few dozen plastic flowers and a sturdy glue. Glue them together, from top to bottom and hang them up!


Floating Shelf

To minimise chaos on the floor of your home, try this DIY hanging bedside shelf. It’s perfect for small décor items and livens up the dynamic of a room. To hang it, consider using a hook from the ceiling to suspend the piece of wood or other suitable table material, such as sturdy plastic, for this hack.


Hanging Bicycle

If you live in a tiny apartment, or if you’re lacking some wall décor, you can hang up your bike. This hack is functional and decorative, and it’s so great especially if you’re always living on the go and don’t have time for cluttered hallways and walkways.


By Nina Sudnitsin

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