DIY Pallet Bed

Bedroom furniture that is trending at the moment: pallet beds. And the best thing is, you can do it yourself in a few easy steps.

This bed trend has so many pluses. It’s sustainable (you can get used/recyclable pallets), it’s cheap (especially if you get used pallets from construction works) and it’s so so aesthetic (think: boho vibes).

We’ll take you through some steps so you can make the ultimate DIY pallet bed.


Find pallets

The first step is to find pallets suitable to make a bed. Of course, newer pallets are more trustworthy and have less splinters. Make sure you find ones that are structurally sound so that there’ll be no fear of ending up on the floor with a broken bed.

Also, make sure you figure out your desired layout, height and take into account the size of your mattress. This will determine the number of pallets you need.


Treatment time

When you’ve found some suitable pallets, double check they have been either heat or steam treated (which are types of wood treatments, and you can usually find this information stamped on the pallets) as these pallets are usually the most resilient. Also, don’t forget to sand them, especially if you’re planning on painting them, to give them a smooth and polished look.


Assemble it

It’s finally time to assemble it. Line them up and toss your mattress on.

Extra tip: put a protective layer between your mattress and pallets. Putting something like a plastic sheet or a piece of resilient fabric will protect your mattress from getting too many scrapes against the wooden pallets.

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