Spring 19 Fashion Trends

Feast your eyes on the five most glamorous spring fashion trends of the year.

Its time to take out your brand new sandals and tuck away your runners and boots to prepare for this seasons most juiciest trends.

If you ever feel like you are in a bit of a toss when you are trying to decide what outfit to wear everyday, we have spotted the top 5 hottest spring fashion trends for this year, with spring just around the corner!

And what better way to spot the newest trends then by having an expert such as Melissa Garcia to help you prepare for the warmer weather.

1.Polka dots: 

If you’re looking to dress super fun and classy at the same time, then polka dots is the perfect spring wear outfit for you.

From bags, to dresses and even scrunchies, this style collection is sure to have you rocking the fresh and fun spring vibe.


2. Pastels  

The perfect range of colours for a warm season ahead, something super cute and soft to get you styling throughout the day.


3. The fringe look 

A beautiful combination of dresses, jackets and pants is a perfect way to show off your spring style to all of your friends. 

It’s also super funky at the same time!



If you are looking for a bit of edge and flare to your wardrobe, then asymmetry is the perfect outfit for your ultimate spring vibes and the warmer weather ahead.


5. Checks 

And finally, a more broader and professional type of look that includes some beautiful skirts, coats and patterns that give you more of that professional yet classically cute touch.

By Natasha Pietrobuono

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