Customisable Fashion

“No two women are alike – so why should your clothing be?” – Nyree Corby, CEO of Fame and Partners


Our bodies are all shaped differently, and each woman deserves a stunning, affordable, completely unique gown for any occasion. And we’ve found your new go-to place. Fame and Partners.

Fame and Partners is the literal embodiment of the perfect clothing brand. Customisable outfits: check. Ethical production: check. Women empowerment: check. So, let’s dig a little deeper and explore how this heaven-sent brand achieves these wonderful ambitions.

So, hands up, who has ever dreamed of becoming a fashion designer?

If you have, your dream has just come true. On the Fame and Partners’ website, you can add or remove front splits from dresses; raise or lower necklines; change skirt lengths; pick and choose any colour. This is custom-made clothing in an era of online commerce at its very finest.

The ultimate destination for absolutely any type of occasion wear: day, work, evening, wedding, vacation. This is the modern woman’s personal atelier, that you can proceed to tailor to your personal style and to your body type.

Fame and Partners is disrupting the fast fashion cycle with its custom bespoke clothing statement pieces that are made to order. Thanks to the online ordering system, there’s no need for mass production, there’s less waste as single pieces are made to order just for you and ultimately there’s no need for inventory storage or air-conditioned warehouses PLUS there are no excess items every season that need to be thrown away. Unique dresses and ethical production is a win win.

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you of Fame and Partner’s amazing effort, they also work closely with multiple charities around the globe. Empowering women, one dress at a time.

At the checkout, you can choose to donate a few dollars from the dress purchase to the charities with which the company has partnered with. UN Women strive to end violence against women; Akilah is an organisation that help build women’s future through education and Plan International help to keep girls in school. Initiatives like these, that are instigated by such an emerging and innovative fashion brand set an amazing example for other starting businesses and reinforce the ethical message that goes along with their custom-made fashion. Another big win!

Fame and Partners’ ethical made-to-order model celebrates the individuality of each woman and is a serious disruptor in the current fashion industry. Excuse me while I go order a few too many dresses for the few too little occasions in my calendar.

Fame and Partners are nailing the perfect trends this season – light and airy, with a touch of elegance and a sprinkling of class – so here are our favourite picks for sunny days and evenings out:


By Nina Sudnitsin

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