Hair Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know!

Your hairstyle can actually make you look more elegant and put together than you really feel! #fakeituntilyoumakeit

Looking after your hair is so important, but sometimes we just don’t have enough time during our hectic week.

To help all the busy girls out, here’s a collection of the easiest styles, insta-worthy accessory inspiration and handy hacks to keep any type of hair looking amazing every day of the week.


5-minute Beach Waves

Beach waves are the best kind of curls for an effortless look. These 5-minute beach waves are super easy and can be done with damp hair.

Separate your hair into 2 or 3 sections, take a section and twist it away from your face and then blow-dry. Repeat to all sections and you should be left with bouncy, messy beach waves!

Longer Ponytail

For the girls with shorter hair, this one is really neat.

By splitting your hair into two sections and tying them up one over the other, you create a ponytail twice the length of your real one!

Be sure to cover the bottom ponytail with the top one (with the help of bobby pins), otherwise people might learn your secret to a fuller ponytail!

The Longer Pony

Bobby Pin Accessories

Bobby pins are your next go to for accessorising your hair in the mornings. Not only will they hold your hair in place for the whole day, they can add symmetrical beauty to your up do.

These examples showcase amazing triangular creations, but try out squares, stars and other funky shapes to jazz up your beautiful tresses.

Perky Ponytail

Speaking of the many uses of bobby pins, they come in really handy when propping up a ponytail so that it doesn’t sag by the end of the day to keep you looking preppy and fresh.

From experience, this is an amazing hack for high ponytails. But if your hair is up for longer than a couple of hours, they start to dig into your scalp! But give it a try and see if it works for you!

Coconut Oil Treatment

Coconut oil is a life-saver for dry, split ends as it nourishes and replenishes them with much needed moisture. It has been proven to be the oil that hair absorbs best!

Scoop out a handful of oil, and spread it through your hair, either clip it in a bun or chuck a shower cap on and leave in for about 30 minutes. After that, I recommend washing out your hair twice with shampoo (just to be certain no oil residue is left after your shower) and condition. Done!

Curls with Hair-drier Diffuser

This one’s for the curly girls!

Instead of blow-drying your hair with the typical hair-dryer nozzle, using a diffuser can give you natural-looking curls. Another plus in using a diffuser to dry your hair, is that it ‘diffuses’ the hot air and therefore is less damaging than usual!


The Scarf 

Scarves are back and we love them!

You can add a bright pop of colour in your daily ponytail, wrap it around a bun or use it as a headband to spice up any bad hair day.

By Nina Sudnitsin

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