How to Get Brass Out of Blonde Hair on a Budget

Brass colour can creep into beautiful blonde hair when you least expect it to.

But don’t worry, you can fix it up in very little time and all within a tight budget! The trick is all in the products you use.

Shelling out a few $100s every month for salon visits is not for everyone’s wallet, so we’ll outline the products you absolutely must use to keep the brass at bay and maintain gorgeous, blonde locks – all without breaking the bank!


Purple shampoo

Purple shampoos possess purple tones that work to neutralise those pesky yellow hues. These shampoos work wonders to brighten dull hair and extend the period of time between salon visits.

This sweet shampoo should set you back approximately $20, which is totally worth the saved dollars on extra salon visits. Check out hair care brands Fanola or Joico for the best quality and prices.

Make sure you use a dark purple and not a transparent looking product, using it 1-2 times a week. Alternate it with nourishing shampoos because you don’t want your hair to actually turn purple (if you do though, by all means go for it!)


Colour protection products

These products are miracle workers for the dullness and dryness harsh bleach can do to your hair. Colour protection products specifically shield your hair from harsh external elements, think: sun and wind that can damage your locks and onset yellow hues much quicker than usual.

To protect your hair, use brands such as Redken and Pantene, specifically their Colour Protection range. This will help retain its beautiful shine and healthy appearance.


Buy a toner

Toners neutralise yellow and orange tones on bleached hair. This life-saving product usually takes your hair to an ashy or platinum colour, so get ready to return your locks to a more natural looking hair tone!

From L’Oréal to Schwarzkopf, the price ranges from $10-25 depending on how much product you want to buy! Applying once every few weeks should be enough to keep brassy tones at bay.


By Nina Sudnitsin

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